Fine Dining at City Social

I had been waiting to try out City Social for a while, and after having Tower 42 catch my eye from various trips in and out of Liverpool Street station, I felt it was only right I experienced it myself. I have to say, the view was the one thing I was most looking forward to, and it didn’t disappoint. The floor to ceiling glass panels not only added to the stylish design of the restaurant, but contributed to the overall up-market atmosphere of the decor.

City Social

The restaurant opens at six, but my dad and I arrived a little early, and I’m glad we did as it gave me a chance to check out the bar before it got too busy. A sleek design curved around the radius of Tower 42 with tall glass panels running parallel to the bar itself. The view seemed to follow you wherever you went, which is one of the things I found myself most impressed with in City Social.

We were seated inside a large booth overlooking the Gherkin tower above London’s city lights – perfect for a sophisticated, yet relaxing evening meal. The Modern European menu looked extremely appetising, not to mention the standard of the waiters knowledge. He assured me he could make any alterations needed to appeal to my gluten-free diet and made a number of helpful recommendations – all of which appealed to me almost a little more than the regular menu did.

To start, I enjoyed cured Scottish salmon, beautifully presented in the center of cucumber carpaccio, and paired with frozen watermelon – an unusual ingredient, but definitely a delicious one. As for the main, I went for the halibut served on top of potato fondant. Although the portions may have seemed a little on the small side, the food itself was undeniably filling, and the best presented I had ever seen.

City Social

As always, there was room for dessert. My initial choice pointed towards the sorbet, a choice purely made as a result of my dietary restrictions. However, one of the waiters had heard about my non-exciting order to say the least, and made a special visit to our table. He kindly offered me the choice of the banana parfait, altering the honeycomb base to gluten-free. If this doesn’t show how this restaurant has achieved Michelin star then I don’t know what does. I can’t stress how good the service was – how the waiters were so on top of everyone’s orders and how my dietary requirements were never forgotten about (something I have experienced a lot of in the past).

I would definitely recommend City Social for a special occassion – the food was delicious, the service incredibly attentive and the view, inspiring. I also recommend the champagne bar on the top floor – a definite must do if you are planning on stopping by.


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