Exploring Berlin’s East-Side

Although many would see east-side gallery for what it initially appears to be – graffiti painted on the remains of the Berlin wall – I feel it has a little more value to it than just your ‘average’ art gallery.

This place has been named a gallery for a reason – it provides a display for works of art and a space for audience to admire the meaning behind the detail. It’s situated on a main road that has absolutely no significance – loud, busy, your typical city road. But that’s kind of what made it special, it’s the fact that history still stands in the center of Berlin, and although not quite in its original condition, gives reference to the Cold War in an extra-ordinary way. 

In Spring 1990, 118 artists from 21 different countries were invited to draw their vision of freedom, and here it still stands.

One of the most famous paintings in the gallery is the image of kissing Soviet and East German leaders, Breshnev and Honecker. It may seem a little much at first but it seemed to be the painting that caught the most attention. The thing that stood out the most wasn’t just the importance of equality and gay rights, but the fact that this remark of social attribution has been painted on a wall to remind us of the wrong doings of the right-wing system. It shows how far we’ve come as a society, living in the world of the 21st century, and I can certainly appreciate the artists’ vision of freedom – and here we are, almost thirty years down the line. 


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