The Waldorf Astoria

Stepping out of the yellow cab felt exactly like a scene from Gossip girl, along with staying in a hotel with the same name as the infamous Blaire Waldorf. We were immediately greeted by friendly & efficient staff at the Waldorf reception. Despite being next to a main road the hotel has a peaceful feel as soon as you enter, with one of the most beautiful, bright and elegant lobby’s I’ve ever seen.

The concierge took our bags up to our room while he listed a number of recommendations and tips for the top sights to see. Especially when it came to tourist-heavy experiences like the statue of liberty and world trade centre, they had the entrance tickets ready to go.

Each morning we enjoyed the most delicious breakfast inside the French brasserie, Au Bon Pain which was directly opposite the Rockefeller. Alongside a buffet was a list of eggs, pancakes, waffles and so much more. The latter two ended up being what I enjoyed all three mornings. We dined between the glass skyscrapers, the window panes silencing the city horns.


The Rockefeller Centre Observation Deck was unexpectedly one of the most relaxing experiences. I say unexpectedly because I’m not usually a fan of heights, but something about the way the sun reflected off the curves in the glass and the way I towered over the city. Each building seemed a lot shorter in height, like stepping stones I could easily jump across. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced and I could have easily spent all day there.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse was hands down one of the most overwhelming restaurants I have ever visited, in the best way possible. We opted for an early dinner, sitting inside a traditional family restaurant with vaulted timber frames. The sunlight peered through the large panes of glass at the front of Wolfgang’s. Red’s, blue’s and green’s dancing their way in as we shared a sixteen ounce steak in the heart of Manhattan’s most talked about, Times Square.

Times Square By Night. Our timing in arrival to Times Square was impeccable. We had no idea that we were about to step off the subway and into something spectacular. The streets were swarming, the lights flashing between the gaps in the mob. Suddenly, a large space formed where a coloured man began to swing his legs around his body in a crouched position. Next, a lady took his hand and they began to cha-cha, swinging their hips in perfect timing with the music that had begun to sound. Next thing we knew, the entire crowd began to swing their hips in the same movement. The music grew louder, bongo drums controlling the rhythm. We stood still, absorbing the spirit of the city and grateful that we had arrived just in time.


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